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Jodi's Autism

Jodi's Eating Problems

Jodi Shaw

What is Autism?

Social Skills


Imaginative Play

Education For Autistic Children

The Autistic Child - Could It Be Mercury?

Special Needs and Other Disabiilities?

Autism Support

Autism - Why You Need A Circle Of Friends

Autism Articles

Understanding Autism Statistics

The Cause and Treatment of Autism

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Explained

Signs Of Autism

Top 5 Common Symptoms Of Autism In Children

Autism - Living With Autism

Autism or ADHD?

Autism Or Aspergers - Confused?

Five Autism Types Explained

Did You Know These Facts About Autism?

11 Amazing Autistic Famous People

History Of Autism Pioneers

How To Recognize The Different Autism Types

The Impacts of Autism on the Family

Autism and Sibling Rivalry

Can Adults Be Diagnosed With Autism Later In Life?

5 Ways To Minimize The Negative Impact Of Change For Autism

Adult Autism Does Not Have To Hurt Your Relationship

Unique Autism Experiments Offer Parents Hope

Autism Understanding Furthered By International Genetic Study

Become Involved In Online Autism Groups

Why It Can Be So Difficult To Get An Autism Diagnosis

What To Do After An Autism Diagnosis For Your Child

5 Simple And Effective Autism Strategies For Parents

Autism - How To Show Love To An Autistic Child

Understanding Autism And Anxiety On Socialization

Five Strategies For Coping With Autism And Anxiety On Socialization

Managing Social Anxiety In Children With Autism

Autism Anxiety Overload

Raising Children with High Functioning Autism

Asperger's Syndrome - Is There A Cure?

Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome - A User Guide To Adolescence

Dealing with Autism In Public

Autism - Coping With Aggression

How Do I Tell Someone Their Child Has Autism?

Understanding Autism In Children

Autism and Stimming

Autism - Making Learning Fun

Understanding Autism And Irrational Fears - 5 Ideas You Can Try Today

Bright and Happy Autistic Children

Science of Autism Gets To The Basics

Autism - The Teenage Years Autism In Adults

Autism In Adults

Looking For A Toy For Autistic Children

10 Great Toys For An Autistic Child

Looking For An Online Autism Bookstore?

Activities For Autistic Children

Finding Support For Adult Autism

Autism And Discipline – It’s All About Consistency

Spare The Rod? Disciplining Autistic Children Effectively

Home-Schooling Your Autistic Child

Autistic Residential Schools vs Day Schools

ABA Autism Treatment Method

Art Therapy For High Functioning Autism How To Get Started

How Autism Visual Schedules May Help Your Child

Teaching Autistic Children Effectively - Some Simple Rules You Can Follow

Teaching Autistic Children Reading Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Understanding Visual Thought And Autism

How Autism Visual SchedulesMay Help Your Child

Teaching Autistic Children Effectively - Some Simple Rules You Can Follow

Teaching Autistic Children Reading Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Understanding Visual Thought And Autism

Discovering Music And Autism And The Connection They Share

The Benefits Of Music Therapy For Autism

Strategies For Iep Goals Autism Experts Recommend Most

Common Autism Treatments Reviewed

Exploring Autism Homeopathy Treatments

Finding A Doctor Who Understands Autism

Is There A Connection Between Folic Acid And Autism?

Is There An Autism Yeast Infection Link?

Sensory Integration And Autism Does It Work?

Understanding Autism And Emdr Treatments

What Are Phospholipid Deficiencies In Autism?

A Look At Both Sides Of The Chelation And Autism Debate

What Are The Treating Mercury Poisoning Autism Links?

Autism - Is There A Link With Immunizations

Lots at Stake in Autism Debate

Autism and Mercury - Is There A Link?

Autism and Sensory Integration Therapy

Autism and Supplementation

The Autism B12 Vitamin Connection?

Autism and Diet

Understanding The Autism And Diet Link

Top Tips To Relieve Your Autism Diet Worries Today

How To Have A More Balanced Autism Diet

Overcoming Food Obsessions

Autism And Potty Training Techniques - How To Help Your Child Succeed

Positively Addressing Bedwetting And Autism 5 Tips You Can Try Today

Potty Training and Autism

Autism and Pollution

Mercury Poisoning

Yes, Your Teeth May Indeed Be Killing You

Mercury Chelation, Humet-R

Mercury Poisoned

Mercury Poisoning - Are Vaccines Safe?

Neurotoxicity of Mercury

Videos About Mercury

My Books

I'm Not Naughty I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey

Autism, Amalgam and Me - Jodi's Journey Continues

Mercury Poisoning - It's Not In Our Heads Any More - True Stories

Supported Living - Jodi's Journey Moves On

My Poetry Books


Mercury Poisoning PDF

Jean's Poetry

Flying Poem

Menopause and Face Care

Retirement Poem

 Slimming Diet Poem

 Menopause Poem

Wedding Poem

Margaret Ingall Poems

 Weight And The Summer Dilemma

Jean's Articles

Jean 's Diet and Exercise Articles

Diets, Metabolism And Why I Need A GPS

Nutrition, Fitness, Relaxation And Sleep

Lack of Exercise - Sleepwalking to Obesity

Weight Issues And Men - It's No Longer Just A Woman Thing

Weight and The Summer Dilemma

Losing Weight and Toxic Chemicals

Fitness, Health And Why "We" Need A Rowing Machine

Diabetes – Why Losing Weight Could Save Hours In Hospital Waiting Rooms

Healthy Disability Bingo And The Need To Exercise

Jean's Autism Articles

Autism - It May Not Be A Living Nightmare But Is A Reason To Worry

Autism And Disability - Why Little Things Can Mean Such A Lot

Autism, One Reason I Wish Time Would Stand Still

Autism, Special Needs, And The Benefit Of A Circle Of Friends - Pt 1

Autism, Special Needs, And The Benefit Of A Circle Of Friends - Pt 2

Autistic Adults - Why We Should Worry

Christmas, Autism and Why I Believe In Miracles

The Autistic Child - Could It Be Mercury?

MMR, Autism, And Who Should Really Be On Trial

Chickenpox Added To The MMR - Surely That's Going Too Far Isn't It?

Jean's Health and Beauty Articles

Life Is Precious - Relax

Water, Water Everywhere But How Much Should We Drink?

Cancer - What You Need To Know To Help Avoid Or Fight It

Skin Beauty - But At What Cost?

Jean's Probiotic Articles

Jean's General Articles

Dogs And What They Can Teach You

The Connection Between Harley-Davidson And Littleport

General Articles

General Articles-2

Seaweed Healthcare

Home Working

Just for fun

Computer Password

Funny Church Bulletin Board Notices


Ageing Naturally

An Alternative To The Flu Jab

Did I Read That Sign Right?

Women In Charge Of Everything

Differences Between Males and Females

Men and Women jokes

Reasons Why Men Are Happier Than Women

Now I Know Why Men Like Golf


Making you Think

Time for God

What Would You Do?

Wonderful Women

Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Tips

Words of wisdom

The Best Moments In Life

The Race

The Donkey Attitude

The Butterfly's Lesson

Happiness Is A Voyage


Trivia 2

Useful Information

Avoid Flu Shots

Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

Dangers of Boiling Water In The Microwave

Common Sense

Drinking and Driving


Leptospirosis comment

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Study

Mobile Phone Tips

Plug In Fire Risks


Heart Attacks


Yoga For The Eyes

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