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Mercury Poisoning - It's Not In Our Heads Any More - Jodi's Journey Goes On - PDF e-book

Dental Amalgam and Vaccines
- The Mercury Link

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Could Your Teeth Be Killing You? ..........Bryan's were.


Read his TRUE story and those of other REAL PEOPLE
who had their lives ruined by their dental amalgam fillings.

 Also available in paperback

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Foreword: Firstly let me make something absolutely clear. I am not a scientist, have no medical training and did not study for any degrees. The knowledge I am about to impart comes from the School of Life – my life!

It has been gained through necessity rather than desire and the information in this book is for educational purposes only. It is neither meant to diagnose, treat or cure any known illness and if you have any specific health concerns you must ALWAYS consult your health practitioner.

That said I hope this book will save you hours of research and point you in the direction of help should you need it. There is a lot of information and misinformation out there.

PLEASE check things out for yourself and make your own mind up. I believe things are meant to be. They happen for a reason and although at the time the purpose may not seem obvious, somewhere down the road it will all make sense.

Unfortunately the road is not always one of happiness and joy. In many cases there will be a lot of heartache, tears and fear, and I hope this will make the road for some just a little bit easier. It deals with various issues which have affected my life specifically autism, mercury poisoning, toxic chemicals and electro magnetic radiation – all by-products of our civilised society and the so-called progress since the early 1900's.

This book is dedicated to all my fellow sufferers and also to my family whom I have regrettably neglected whilst I've been writing. Let's begin..................


"It's good mate – well done"– (My dad – praise indeed!)

"Your book "Mercury Poisoning" - FAN -bloody -TASTIC! Excuse my language" - DW,Watford, UK

"Researched well - very informative and well written" – J C, Kings Lynn, UK

"I've just started reading it – a few pages in and am gripped already"– Z C, Edinburgh, Scotland

"You're a special lady with a special gift. The book is wonderful. It says it all. Thankyou" – P T Chatteris, UK

"Well done for making such a big effort to spread the message about mercury poisoning" – R W, West Sussex, UK

"It's brilliant. There's so much information in there which people would most likely love to know but wouldn't necessarily plough through some medical or scientific book to find out. By including it within the true stories you make it so memorable and easy to understand." - J B, Soham, UK


Pg 10 Introduction
Pg 12 "You Can't Trust Anyone"
Pg 14 Vaccines
Pg 18 Jodi's Immunisation Schedule
Pg 22 Mercury Poisoning
Pg 23 Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning
Pg 39 Testing For Mercury Poisoning
Pg 44 How To Remove Mercury
Pg 48 Case Studies
Pg 49 Bryan and Pam's Story
Pg 61 Pam – The Mercury Helpline Queen
Pg 74 Lynn Parker
Pg 87 Zoe and the Hepatitis B Connection
Pg 99 Innocent Even When Guilty
Pg 100 Pam's Story
Pg 108 Jodi's Story
Pg 146 Humet®-R
Pg 156 In-Liven
Pg 180 Seagreens®
Pg 194 Candida
Pg 201 My Bit
Pg 223 Final Thoughts Pg 230 What Is Electrical Sensitivity – Lucinda Grant
Pg 236 Acknowledgements
Pg 237 Of Related Interest/Reference
Pg 238 Sites of Interest

Since writing my books a lot more has been made public about mercury poisoning and whilst no-one will actually say outright it is a contributory cause of many illnesses there are many who advise the removal of dental amalgam fillings. Watch my video and read my blog posts by clicking the following links

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Mercury Poisoning Blog Post 2


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 Pages           256  

 ISBN              978-0-9557736-1-7

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