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Exploring Autism Homeopathy Treatments

By Rachel Evans

The diagnosis of autism is not something that means a child will have a short life, however it can mean they may have a harder life, and no parent wants that for their child or children.

There is no cure for autism, and that makes the diagnosis all the harder to accept. Due to the lack of a cure, many parents turn to autism homeopathy for help and sometimes, results.

There are many that won’t use homeopathy to treat anything, as they think their doctors would tell them about these treatments if they really worked. The problem is that many have had success with these types of treatments, but without proper study and without putting a lot of money into research, most doctors will hesitate to recommend something, even if they think it will work.

Even so, when anyone tries autism homeopathy treatments, it is a good idea to do so under the supervision of the family doctor as well as any homeopathic practitioner.

It is important to understand how homeopathy treatments work before trying them. Homeopathy focuses on treating the whole person and not just the symptoms. This means that ten different children with autism will have ten different treatments. No two will be alike.

Parents needs to do some research before jumping in however, and they should make sure they find someone knowledgeable in homeopathy before they begin. The wrong treatments can lead to heartache and failure.

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When researching, many parents will find that the most common autism homeopathy treatments are changes in diet, commonly including the elimination of milk and dairy based products. Foods such as wheat that contains gluten are problematic for some, are often eliminated as well.

Anything with preservatives and artificial flavors or colors should be removed, as they can be toxic for some children. Many parents report improvement when these items are removed from the diet, but it is important to have a doctor in on the dietary changes so they can give proper nutritional advice, ensuring vital nutrients are not lost.

Some other types of autism homeopathy treatments are supplements, treatments meant to flush the body of toxins and therapy for things like socialization, speech and motor skills.

Some like to use healing procedures that balance the energy of the body, much like the concepts used in acupuncture. There are also natural medications and the closely related herbs that may help as well.

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It is hard to state what the results of each treatment will be and what to expect because all children are different and all results tend to vary from child to child. The most important thing is to find a homeopathic practitioner with experience in dealing with autism so mistakes in treatments are not made.

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