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This testimony was made at the FDA meeting on Neurotoxicity of Mercury in teeth fillings, Gaithersburg, Washington, USA September 5 - 7th, 2006 by Angela Kilmartin, London, UK.

"I make testimony and stand as a witness that I and my entire family of three generations have been poisoned in many and various ways by dental mercury and other dental metals, these family members include: both parents, myself, a female child and a male child born to me respectively in 1969 and 1974.

I have conducted many conventional metal tests on my family using proper scientific laboratories both before and after amalgam removal. The results show overwhelming responses to the safe removal of mercury teeth fillings both in data obtained and in clearance of symptoms.

My own list of symptoms ran to two pages and included being bed-bound for nine years between 1985 and 1995. The effects of four gold caps being added to a mouthful of mercury fillings took their galvanic toll on all body functions and systems and all are most carefully documented.

Upon safe removal in May 1995 it took just three months for my health to become normal and I returned to the land of the living, from the land of the living dead.

This FDA meeting discusses only the neuroxicity of mercury.

The following are my own symptoms associated only or mainly with neurological systems:

tiredness, exhaustion, collapse, constant crying fits, memory loss, brainfog, severe rhinitis, severe blocked nose, sinus polyps, word loss, lowered concentration, gazeing, severe insomnia, irregular sleep patterns, hyperventilation, skin pallor, coldness, lowered body temperature, leg cramps, irregular heartbeats, frozen shoulders, uncertain gait.

I stress- these were merely the neurotoxic symptoms.

The effects on my life were catastrophic and denied my family my abilities to nurture both the generation behind me and the children coming up. As a divorced woman there was no-one there for me during the long days. Life was no life and after nine years of it I was coming up to suicidal. This never happened because I was introduced to the professional anti-mercury dentistry movement in the United Kingdom, did my own three months of private investigations at the great Wellcome medical library and the library of the Royal Society of Medicine, both in London.

From this newly acquired knowledge, I had all mercury fillings safely removed and some months later each of the four gold caps. After every dental removal session another batch of symptoms would depart much to the astonishment of myself and friends / family.

From being a non-believer to a total devotee of safe removal, I became convinced beyond doubt of any kind that mercury and the dental profession whom I had trusted were the sole cause of my terrible years of illnesses. I became Great Britain's anti-mercury patient campaigner and I am here today to make representation to your Hearing that this poisonous substance, known as such to mankind since it was first mined many thousands of years ago, remains poisonous in all its uses including and most importantly of all, dentistry.

I strongly urge you to ban this vicious, insidious and poisonous metal from dental use in the human mouth."

Angela Kilmartin,Patients Against Mercury Amalgam, London, UK

Here's what Angela has to say about the meeting:-

I attended and testified at these immensely important Hearings.

I must first give many thanks to the people who helped with my first PowerPoint presentation, filming, easing my journey to Washington with localised arrangements, tracing a museum for me and much support in many ways known to themselves.

A committee of twenty independent professionals of high repute sat for the Federal Drugs Association in a two-day hearing listening to pro- and anti-mercury testimonies specific to the insertion of the world's second worst poison into the teeth of the public.

Particular mentions were given to the impact on the unborn foetus, pregnant women, those with kidney disease and impaired immune response.

They acknowledged that Sweden is to ban all mercury fillings as of January 2007, Norway, United Kingdom already have Governmental 'Cautions' against placement of mercury fillings in place for these groups of patients.

France, Germany, Holland and others have similar and additional rules, for instance, in the transportation of mercury, toxic emissions from the teeth of the dead during cremation, vaccine preservatives and fish mercury-emittance.

The current USA discussion ranges on catching up with European Directives and informing the public on rapidly improving Composite filling choices now available.

Presenters and testifiers ranged from the severely disabled to scientists on specific areas of poisoning; to dentists and consumer advocates; national groups and representatives from Norway, Sweden, England, America.

The committee was asked by the FDA on the final afternoon to discuss and answer questions on dental mercury amalgam safety put in writing in a White Paper for their deliberations.

On the two final questions regarding the discussion of the White Paper, the committee voted in each case 13 NO to 7 Yes. This voting pattern refuted the White Paper studies put before them for consideration as now being outdated in knowledge, failing to move towards newer studies and failing to observe the mountainous evidence of patients.

The committee also discussed before the audience USA current status and recommendations on consumption of fish because of mercury emittance levels, mercury removed from vaccines, prohibition of mercury thermometers
and more. It seemed that the most serious cause of all mercury injury, that in dentistry, had been insufficiently addressed.

In its voting, the Hearing concluded that it was time to "Take an historic step" to commence the removal or banning of mercury fillings from the existing range of dental fillings now available, most specifically for the above-mentioned sensitive groups, and to commence further work on establishing more modern reviews of literature on the subject.

Meanwhile, public sensitivity and knowledge about the dangers, both acute, chronic and aesthetic values is outstripping dental moves. Patients have read or heard about the dangers of mercury in dental amalgams and request white fillings, patients also don't want a mouthful of black -looking teeth when they can have aesthetic tooth-coloured restorations instead.

The anti-mercury activists including myself were overjoyed, as can be imagined, when the committee votes were cast. This heralded an end to the "its safe- we've used it for 150 years" dental response to all contrary views. There came a time in history when the wooden wheel was rejected and rubber tyres took their place. This is now happening to the dental fillings controversy in America and rather late in the day when so many lives have been ruined BUT it is better late than never.

Some litigation and Congressional work is still in the pipeline and the committee was influenced by the appearance of Congresswoman Watson and her strong testimony. She received the only standing ovation of the day.

In summary: America is now starting the long road to a complete ban on the use of dental mercury as a filling material of choice, but patients are well-ahead despite some gagging of the press there. Word gets out on the net and from word of mouth. By the time a ban ever comes into force it may be somewhat unnecessary as consumer choice will already have dictated the norm in dental offices throughout America.

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Neurotoxicity of Mercury