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Become Involved In Online
Autism Groups

By Rachel Evans

If you are looking for autism support and information, you will find that there are many online autism groups available. The internet is teaming with websites that focus on all different types of autism spectrum disorders.

For instance, there are sites dedicated to helping parents cope with autistic children, sites that assist those coping with an autistic partner, and even sites designed to help high functioning autistics live fuller lives.

Therefore, since there are plenty of online groups out there to help you, all you need to do is select the one that best suits your personal issues.

Although there are different groups you can join online, you will find that not all of them are the same or provide equal benefits. Some groups are designed as blogs or chat rooms for the sole purpose of allowing those coping with an autistic loved one to share and vent their experiences with others. Meanwhile, other groups are more involved and not only provide chat rooms, but also:

- Information about the disorder
- News and research updates about autism
- Treatment options and autism services
- Educational tools and advice to teach parents how to improve social situations for    autistic children
- Great toy suggestions for autistic children to play with
- Support for high functioning autistic adults and family members
- Etc.

Keep reading to learn more reasons why you should join a support group online and to sign up for the free Autism newsletter offering information and advice on recognizing and treating autism.

You should also be advised that not all online autism groups are free to join. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check out the terms and conditions for each site before you join.

Nonetheless, even if you are not interested in paying a membership fee, there are still a number of online autism sites that are free and willing to put you in touch with others so you can share stories, experiences, knowledge, news, treatment methods, and best of all, make new friends.

In addition, if you are looking to become involved in a group that’s a little more personal and close to home, you will find that online groups are not the only ones that offer support. There may be local autism support groups that meet in your community. If you are interested in finding out if groups exist in your area, the following are ideal methods for discovery:

Search online – The internet is a wonderful search tool. Visit your favorite search engine and plug in the name of your city and “autism support groups” or “autism groups”.

Search the yellow pages – Check your local yellow page listings to see if any groups are listed. If none are listed, contact your city to see if they know any local groups.

Ask others – Good people to ask about the existence of local groups include:

- Another parent who has an autistic child
- Others you meet online
- Any health care provider who has treated your autistic loved one for his/her disorder

The benefits of joining an autism group, regardless if it is online autism groups or one within your community, is worth your time. Knowing you are not alone, helping others, learning new ways to develop your relationship with your autistic loved one, and improving their lifestyle and social interaction, are all excellent reasons to reach out and become a member.

Author - Rachel Evans

The Essential Guide to Autism