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Most people these days have heard of autism but very few understand what it means.

I have read that people with autism are described as

“ anti-social disconnected people with no imagination who spend their days engaged in repetitive behaviours. If verbal they repeat inconsequential information whilst remaining socially detached, unable to form relationships with others.”

Also, we read that those with the diagnosis have an

 "irreversible lifelong affliction with little or no hope of improvement or recovery".

Is that right? - Well, Yes and No.

Autism is an invisible disability and no two autists are the same, No-one is sure what causes it but it is a disorder of the brain. It categorically is NOT caused by bad parenting, as used to be the suggestion.

Autism is diagnosed when the child displays the Triad of Impairments. These are problems in the three areas of

In general, autistic people find it hard to hold ordinary conversations, touch other people or meet their gaze.

Often they have repetitive behaviours and some become hysterical if they are stopped. Screaming fits are common.

Many have food fads and a self restricted diet. Often they are allergic to gluten and casein (the proteins found in wheat and dairy).

Most autists are hypersensitive to some or all of their senses.

Things can upset them easily and so they often have behavioural problems.

Many never speak and those that do are usually very literal. Black is black, white is white and there’s no grey inbetween.

Autists lack imagination and find making decisions and choosing really difficult.

Autistic people also lack empathy and do not appear to understand other people’s feelings. They can therefore appear selfish and uncaring.

Rarely do they develop friendships and social situations are generally very difficult.

On the plus side, they are never deliberately naughty, cruel or devious.

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Okay, so now you know what autism is but is there hope of improvement or recovery?

YES absolutely.

Jodi is living proof of that as you will see if you read my books and look at his photographs.

There is also hope for making life easier for people with Special Needs and Other Disabilities when you know  where to look.

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What is Autism?