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What Are The Treating Mercury Poisoning Autism Links?

By Rachel Evans

Even with a significant amount of research and studies being conducted examining the connection between mercury and autism, many people still do not fully understand this connection, or whether a connection even exists at all.

This is due to the highly conflicting nature of these studies and published information. This article will attempt to clarify the treating mercury poisoning autism link.

Before we can truly understand the connection between mercury and autistic children, it is important to clarify what exactly autism is. Without delving into too much detail, let’s just classify autism.

In that case we’ll say that, like ADD and ADHD, autism is a neurological disorder, or ND. Essentially this means that autism is a disorder affecting the nervous system.

 This becomes important when we learn that one of the main causes of neurological disorders is believed to be heavy metal poisoning, such as that from mercury and aluminum.

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In recent years, the number of children being diagnosed with autism and other neurological disorders has rapidly increased. And while the reason for this is hotly debated in academic circles, one theory claims that the increase is due to significantly more exposure to heavy metals such as mercury for today’s children.

The claim is that there are increased levels of mercury in our food, water, and air.

But can mercury really be targeted as a cause for autism? To many people, the answer is an unequivocal yes. They believe that an increased exposure to such heavy metals at a very young age is what is causing this recent spike in the diagnosis of children with neurological diseases like autism.

Is there a Treatment?

There is a new form of autism treatment that is currently gaining a lot of momentum. Known as biomedical treatment, this method attempts to solve autism by rectifying the root of the problem – the physical condition of the nervous system.

This is contrary to the common opinion of experts that autism is a psychological disorder, because the outwardly visible symptoms all indicate as much. However, the theorists in support of biomedical treatment argue that these symptoms are simply a by-product of an unhealthy nervous system, making autism a physical disorder.

The ultimate goal of biomedical treatment, then, is to rid a child’s body of toxic substances, and to begin to mend already-existing harm done by toxins. However, this method of treatment is not universally considered an effective medical treatment.

 Despite this, there are many popular treatment programs based upon the biomedical treatment school of thought. And while slightly different in their approach, the goal of each is to rid the body of unwanted toxins, and to increase levels of healthy nutrients.

Once again, this treatment method is not universally accepted in medical circles. But, it is gaining momentum, and a good chunk of the supporters are parents who claim to have seen positive results in their child as a result of treatment. Because of this, the treating mercury poisoning autism link may very well be worth looking into.

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