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Leptospirosis comment

NOTE FROM JEAN: - Just occasionally some people object to what I've written, and this article was no exception. I received this but will refrain from mentioning the young man's name.

"The leptospirosis/can thing is a well known myth and is completely untrue. Do a Google search on the issue and you'll be enlightened. There is no such school as NYCU, nor has there been any study comparing pop cans to toilets. Hopefully you'll read about this and that way you can quit passing on untrue scarelore".

My reply was as follows:-

"Thank you for contacting me.

I'm not sure if you are familiar with how a Google search works, but it will come up with any site which has told the search engines it contains the key phrases/search words a person is looking for. Sites can say more or less anything they want and it doesn't have to be true, only relevant to the search term. That's the risk you take when you get information from the internet.

However, I was in Brunei when the man died and that was the diagnosis given at the time. He'd drunk from a can on which a rat had urinated. I'm sure it would have been little comfort to his wife and family to know it was "untrue" because a Google search had said so.

You may accuse me of passing on scarelore if you wish. That's your option. However, the truth will always come out. Doctors and dentists will tell you there is no such thing as mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings but I've had it and so have many other people who are now struggling to get their health and lives back. These are real people and they've suffered badly because of misinformation.

Doctors will also tell you there is no link between childhood vaccines, the MMR and autism but my son and thousands of other children developed the disability after having them. Just this weekend I met a lady who lived in area where several children developed autism after taking the MMR from the same batch of the vaccine. She was offered £20,000 and the whole thing was quietly swept under the carpet. The government and the health authorities kept quiet but those children all now have autism and their lives and those of their families have been ruined.

When you read things on the internet please do so with an open mind. Not everything is true but some information is certainly worth at least considering.

Best wishes and I hope you never have ill health".