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Jodi Shaw

I've lost count of the times I've been asked when I'm writing Jodi's next true story book. It seems you've found my books on autism and life with an autistic child both amusing and educational.

It's had its moments!

The short answer is - "I'm not", but then I never intended to write any! They came about because of peer pressure.  My third book
Mercury Poisoning - It's Not In Our Heads Any More - Jodi's Journey Goes On was released Christmas (2007).

(Incidentally, have you ever thought about writing your own book? Here's a link to
Free Report on how to write your book FAST)

Jodi is really growing up, shaving every day and generally turning into a handsome young man. He's still autistic in many ways and incredibly "normal" in others as you will find out if you get my books.

I am currently writing some poems about Jodi, and eventually there might be a poetry/story book combined.

A Note Of Caution

We think we have Jodi's epilepsy under control now. He last had a seizure in July 2006 which resulted in an ambulance trip to the hospital where he spent three days on oxygen. One thing we've found out is you need to beware of
Evening Primrose and Star Flower Oils as Jodi’s specialist said there is some evidence both exacerbate seizures.

You need to bear this in mind if you give your child Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements.

Check the ingredients!

Great News!

Jodi is now in college!

He started a three year course at an amazing residential college in September 2008 and settled in straight away. He's getting on REALLY well.

When those so called "experts" told me all those years ago I'd send him away - they were right, but not because I had to. Instead, I wanted to.

It's a brilliant opportunity for him to experience and enjoy life so he can continue to be the best he can be.

I am so PROUD of him.

Who knows - there might be another book to come after all.  How does, Jodi's Journey Through College, sound?

 We'll see, but meanwhile, here’s an article about him which was published in the brilliant Autism File magazine.  

Autism - Why My Autistic Son Is More Intelligent Than I Am