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I'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey



Is Your Autistic Child A Mystery?

Do You Have Trouble Explaining Him Or Her To Others?

If so,help is at hand. 


Read Jodi's TRUE story. You won't be able to

put it down.  It will make you LAUGH

and CRY, but more importantly it will help you


This is Jodi’s compelling, true story which will have you both laughing and crying. It’s an incredibly easy to read book containing photographs and poetry, and is a “fascinating, funny and insightful account of living with an autistic child”.

The book was written because of peer pressure and is told from Jodi's perspective.   As he was only eleven at the time, it’s in really simple language and

helps reassure people about autism, which is so common these days.

Many people have told me reading it has made them stop and think before judging a child’s behaviour.

You’ll learn how Jodi changed almost overnight from being an alert, talkative, happy, interested, lively, loving little bundle, who would eat and drink anything into the toddler from hell, and how I often wished the ground would open up and swallow me!

Foreword from I'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey

Jodi's Journey is written for no one in particular and

everyone in general. It is the story of his life so far,

interspersed with some of the little facets of autism.


The writer hopes it will give a small insight into this

invisible, inexplicable and, thus far, apparantly

incurable disability. I am Jodi's mother and have

 written the story as though he is the narrator.

Jodi does not use language. He says words and that

 is not the same thing. There are situations in this

story therefore when I can only presume to know

what he was thinking or why he did something.

Only one person knows for certain and he is not

disclosing that information - yet!

Read our Testimonials page to see what other readers thought of this book.

"I loved this book (I'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic), from the attractive front cover right through to the "rules" (some of the best I've seen), the poetry and the photographs. Writing as Jodi was an excellent idea and really makes people understand (about autism), better than writing about Jodi. I do hope that it will become widely read."

-Zelda Landau, Director, Light and Sound Therapy Centre, London

“Thankyou very much for I’m Not Naughty I’m Autistic- Jodi’s Journey. It provided me with a fascinating insight into the world of autism in a very readable form. I have learnt a great deal from the book and I will look with new eyes at the more ‘difficult’ children I see or work with. Some of your approaches seem to me equally relevant to children with other conditions too. I think the book has enlarged both my understanding and my humanity. I hope so anyway. Though written from, or told from, Jodi’s perspective it gives a real insight into the huge challenges faced by the families and, in your case especially, the mother. Take a bow!” – P Smith, Downham Market, UK

I loved the book - as did my wife!  If ever there was a perfect picture of what love is all about, this book models it.  What a picture of patience, love, caring and JOY!”   ” – Frank Sousa http://franksousablog.com/



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