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Menopause and Face Care

For years my hair’s been turning grey and I’ve used home colouring kits
Now my body’s losing all control so clothes no longer fit
My waist is fast expanding, gone are my slender thighs
The menopause is changing all before my very eyes

I think I’m at a funny age and feeling insecure
Although I’m feeling young inside, don’t look it any more
In men grey hair’s distinguished, lines add character we’re told
For women it’s the opposite and make us just look old

When I look in the mirror I don’t like what I see
My laughter lines are pretty deep - not doing much for me
Diet and exercise should help my weight is what the experts say
But no good in the scheme of things to make lines go away

I don’t want botox or face lifts, cell injections from my ears
Just something that will help me turn back some of the years
Maybe in a Face Care System my hopes I should invest
Something I can use at home to help me look my best

They work on forehead, eyes and cheeks, neck and lips and chin
And book and useful DVD show how you should begin
Perhaps armed with full instructions, a machine and pots of cream
I could lift, tone and invigorate so I’d look a younger Jean!