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Can Adults Be Diagnosed
With Autism Later In Life?

By Rachel Evans

Autism has been around for many years as specific condition but hasn’t always well understood by the medical community and for some people their condition has been misdiagnosed.

Though the classic form of autism is something that is often quite obvious in a child, there are high functioning autism types like Asperger’s that can be thought to be something else entirely.

This form is just now being understood, and many who have had it their whole lives are just now learning that this is the case. It seems to make the answer to the questions pertaining to can adults be diagnosed with autism rather simple.

Adults can most certainly be diagnosed with autism.

It can be a tough journey though, as many doctors don’t like the Asperger’s condition, and think it is highly blown out of proportion. Others just don’t have the knowledge to accurately diagnose children and adults with higher functioning forms of autism, so, it was something that went unnoticed for a very long time.

Most parents and doctors assumed the child was different or ‘shy’ but that was all the further thought that was put into the situation. These children are now adults and starting to question those assumptions.

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This form of high functioning autism has gone undetected, and many adults tend to blend rather well, which is something that those with classic autism cannot do. Though the high functioning adults have jobs and lives, and are intelligent, they can be socially awkward, as it is something that doesn’t come easily for most.

They may have communication problems that cause friction at work and in personal relationships, and they are frustrated because they don’t know why these sorts of interactions don’t come as easily to them as to others.

Some people are even wrongly told that they have conditions like Obsessive Compulsive disorder. Because of frustration and anxiety regarding socialization, many have become often loners.

There are other clues that an adult might have autism.

Their social awkwardness comes in different degrees. Many cannot understand humour, and are very literal in their interpretation of figures of speech. They cannot understand when someone is teasing them, as they take all words at the most literal level.

They may have nervous twitches when anxious, and they also tend to have motor impairment. They can get upset and anxious quite easily, and quite often.

Anyone who suspects that they, or someone they know, has these problems and who wants to know can an adult be diagnosed with autism, it is a good idea to go in to see a doctor for evaluation. Sometimes you might have a hard time finding a doctor to take your concerns seriously, but that just means you have to keep looking.

Though there is no cure, a diagnosis can help a patient feel less anxious about why they are different, and they can also take advantage of some programs that can help improve the quality of their life.

There are some tests online that may answer the question of can adults be diagnosed with autism. You can take the tests to see if you fit the profile, and then share this information with your doctor if you wish. This might help a physician understand what is going on and how to best help.

Author - Rachel Evans

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