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If you are concerned your child has autism and want to save yourself hours of research then I highly recommend you purchase this e-book which you can download instantly.

In it you'll discover -

• The history of autism – including when it was first discovered, initial treatments, myths surrounding the disorder and more.

• 13 common ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) misconceptions and the real truth for each – this information will greatly help put your mind at ease about this dreaded disorder.

• The three main signs of autism – and how to quickly and easily recognize each.

• The three broad categories of autism – and how to immediately tell in which category someone with autism belongs.

• The 5 most recent, most accepted theories about the cause of ASDs – this information may surprise you.

• 13 questions all concerned parents should ask themselves if they think their child may have autism – your responses to these questions will ensure you know what step to take next.

• 28 additional signs of autism – you’ll know exactly what behaviors to look for when assessing your child or loved one.

• Common treatments for autism – and how to know if a treatment is right for your child or loved one.

• 18 questions you should always ask before submitting your child or loved one for a particular treatment – this information will help ensure your child receives the treatment that’s right for him or her.

• The six most common autism treatments used today – plus, whether or not it is good to combine treatments.

• The positives and negatives of using Applied Behavioral Analysis to treat autism – and how to tell if your child is right for an ABA program.

• How to choose an ABA provider – including four things that you should always look for before deciding upon a provider.

• The five steps involved in a successful floor time program – if a program doesn’t include all five of these steps then it is definitely not right for you child.

• The effectiveness of the most common alternative autism treatments – plus, 14 things that you should always look for before selecting an alternative treatment program.

• How to use the diet to help control autism naturally - proponents of dietary management of autism agree that many symptoms will decrease in severity and some may even disappear with a change in diet.

• Supplements that have been shown to benefit those with autism – and how to ensure your autistic child takes the supplements.

• 6 tips for a successful supplementation program – these tips will help you cut costs and ensure that your child adjusts to the program quickly and easily.

• How to cope with the stress of raising an autistic child – this information will have you feeling better and more relaxed than you have in years.

• How to ensure the safety of an autistic child – follow these 12 simple tips and your child’s safety is practically guaranteed.

• How to ensure the education needs of your autistic child are being met – including seven questions that you should always ask your child’s school.

• How to deal with an autistic adolescent – follow these tips to safely navigate your way through this difficult time in anyone’s life.

• How to plan for your autistic child’s transition to adulthood – including 13 questions you should ask yourself.

• And much, much more!

The Essential Guide to Autism

Here is a list of the topics this ebook covers in-depth:

o Discovering Autism
o Myths Surrounding ASDs
o Autism and the MMR Vaccine
o Other Common Myths

o Types of ASDs
o Asperger Syndrome
o Kanner's Syndrome
o Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
o Rett Syndrome
o Causes of ASDs
o Signs Pointing to ASD 2
o Diagnosing an ASD
o ASD Statistics
o Applied Behavioral Analysis
o History of ABA and Autism
o ABA and Autism Research
o ABA Basics
o Children Best Suited to ABA
o The Pros and Cons of ABA
o Choosing an ABA Provider
o Floor Time
o Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy
o Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)
o Speech Therapy

o Facilitated Communication
o Holding Therapy
o Auditory Integration Therapy
o Dolman/Delacato Method

o The GFCF Diet
o Starting a GFCF Diet
o Foods to Avoid
o Foods to Include
o Dietary Supplements and Autism
o Starting a Supplement Regimen
o Tips for a Successful Supplement Regimen

o Autism and the Family
o Coping with Stress
o Siblings of Autistics
o Grandparents of Autistics
o Home Safety
o Educational Needs
o Dealing with the Autistic Adolescent
o Managing Loss of Normalcy
o Using Interests to Boost Self-Esteem
o Autism and Developing Sexuality
o Transitioning to Adulthood

o Planning for your Autistic Child's Future
o Finding the Right Living Arrangements
o Making the Leap from School to a Career or Job
o Finding an Employment Fit
o Financial and Insurance Implications
o Strategies for Everyday Living

The Essential Guide to Autism

The Essential Guide to Autism

Rachel Evans, another mother of an autistic child has written an e-book entitled The Essential Guide To Autism

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