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My youngest son has autism and I am the author of four true story books raising

autism and mercury poisoning awareness

Hello and welcome to my site, it's nice to have you here

I'll quickly tell you what's inside incase you disappear

Here you'll find true story books, get some info for free

Learn about the side effects Amalgam had on me

If your interest 's autism and when Jodi' s next book's due

I'll tell you what my plans are and throw in a poem too

There's a selection of my poetry, links to helpful stuff

Why not take a look inside? - I've rambled quite enough

I hope whate'er your interest, be it writing, autism or health

You'll take some time to investigate and end up enjoying yourself

My books are true stories,very humorous in places and include actual photographs. All three books are very easy to read and understand
and provide a wealth of information.



The books are narrated by Jodi and myself as humorously as possible
and explain simply about:


"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments,
but what is woven into the lives of others." - Pericles

This site was set up in a moment of menopausal madness. With no experience of website marketing it has been an interesting journey of discovery. There's a lot of information around - free and otherwise, but the internet changes on a daily basis and there's still much to learn.

Autism can be a serious subject and some parents forget how important they are. Usually women are the main carers so Why Women Are Wonderful is for all of you.

To lighten things up a bit I have a Just For Fun page, a Trivia page and a


"Love your website - have put everyone onto it at work. Take care and keep on doing what you do!" Jacque

"I am so thankful I have been led to your website. I was reading an article on the waiting time in the hospital and about your eyes and then I saw a link about Autism. I am a first year teacher and have been wondering about life after public school. It is great to hear that you have such a great outlook and a positive spin on your son. I often wonder where the children I teach now will be when they are 20, 30, and 40. I enjoyed your articles and think you are an awesome person. Thank you for the articles."- Val

"I think the work you are doing is great and I am sure it is benefiting many people" - Sarah

I suffered from mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgam and can provide information on mercury symptoms from personal experience. I can also point you in the direction of brilliant helplines where you can find out about dental amalgam mercury poisoning diagnosis and treatment.

Do you know anything about Seaweed nutritional products? I'll introduce you to another very good product which benefited Jodi during his mercury de-tox and since.
I got involved in it because of Jodi's autism and his self restricted diet.

The probiotics have been a miracle and the non toxic certified organic cosmetics and skincare are amazing, at least in my opinion, but of course, there are many other options available.  These just happen to have none of those nasty synthetic chemicals in them.

Autism awareness but much much more. Please tell your friends!

My Books Welcome